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Small Library Organizer Pro

Library Software for Windows. Library Organizer Pro is for small private, public, or corporate libraries. Our library software is designed to manage the following activities of your library: easily catalog all library collections, manage member

Small Library Management System  v.1.0

This software is suitable for the management of small libraries in schools or companies. It can be used for free. If you want to modify the software to be more suitable for you, you can buy the source code. This software is written in delphi2010.


Granthaalok: The Book-Library Manager  v.1.0

Granthaalok is meant for managing in a password-proteced secured way the book-lending & book-returning information of a small library, such as someone's personal (books & discs) collection,

BookTracker - Collector's Edition  v.5 1

Book Tracker is an organizer program for the book collector or manager of a small library. Book Tracker was designed to be simple to use, yet feature rich.

MyBooks  v.6.26.14

Do you have a lot of books? Or perhaps know of a school, church, club, or small business that has a small library? If so, you'll LOVE MyBooks! MyBooks maintains an accurate, searchable log of your book collection or library in a quick and easy

ShellyLib  v.2.3

ShellyLib is a small library to create shapes and textures of seashells and snails.

AllegroGL  v.0.4.3

AllegroGL is a small library intended to allow Allegro applications to use OpenGL in Unix, Windows, Mac OS X and DOS.

Context Injection Machine  v.1.0

A small library that provides a powerful and container-less Dependency-Injection mechanism, via AspectJ and Groovy.

DuckTail  v.rc.0.5.0

A small library that enables interface based duck typing for Java.

JAchievement  v.2.0

JAchievement is a small library written in Java that provides achievement notification features to any Java application, similar to Microsoft XBox 360 achievements.

JCarrierPigeon  v.1.3

JCarrierPigeon is a small library for providing notification features to Java applications.

JTelegraph  v.1.0

JTelegraph is a small library for providing messaging notification features to Java applications.

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